Sandtray Play Work Course 2

Sandtray Play World Course 2




Implementing Sandtray Play Work for academic learning and development

6 hrs PD

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Course 2

Sandtray Play Work for academic learning & development

The outcomes and learning of this course for teachers includes:

  • Identify how to support children using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Integrating STPW expressive strategies to improve learning
  • Learn how to structure the learning and social environments (classroom or STPW area) to best cater for the needs of their children
  • Group Practice Sandtray Play Work Room Setup
  • Develop teaching programs for academic, emotional and social skills in STPW
  • Develop knowledge of a range of strategies to enhance student learning
  • Awareness of the types of behaviours frequently exhibited by children with behavioural issues and strategies to manage these using STPW
  • Creating Contracts with Children using templates –in order to develop appropriate and proactive environments and behaviour management strategies
  • Identify, in the sand worlds of individual children, verbally and non-verbal communication to understand nonverbal communication
  • Develop appropriate programmes, to support student understanding, participation, engagement and achievement using STPW framework
  • The importance of a pedagogical framework when using Sandtray Play Work – ZPD