Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Training – Course

Specialist Sandtray Practitioner Training – All 6 Modules


STA1 – Interpersonal Neurobiology, Theory and Applications Working with Children

  • This is the first module towards becoming a Specialist in Sandtray Therapy.
  • It is Online Learning Only, with online exercises, activities and assessments.
  • Students work through the workbook completing exercises, activities and readings.
  • This module prepares the foundations for module 2 Conduct Sandtray Therapy 2 day classroom learning.

CST2 – Conducting Sandtray Therapy

  • Module 2 in the Specialist training in Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Accreditation allows students to deepen their knowledge by applying Sandtray Therapy.
  • This module is hands-on and supported by theory, case studies and role plays students will experience their own sand worlds as therapist and client.
  • 2 full day classroom learning with online assessment

STG3 - Plan and Provide Sandtray in a Group Setting

  • In this module students are able to gain an insight into family systems using the sand therapy and sandtray miniatures to understand group dynamics.
  • This includes family patterns, family dynamics, couples unspoken issues, reconciliation processes and more.
  • We use role plays, case studies and group discussions. 2 full days classroom learning with online assessment

CMS4 – Conclude and Monitor Sessions

  • In this module you will learn how to terminate a client or continue to monitor their sessions.
  • Students learn to 'read' the sand worlds in order to have the correct discussion with clients, to change treatment plans, terminate or continue.
  • 2 full days of classroom learning using role plays, group discussions and online assessment.

CSF5 - Work within a clinical supervision framework

  • Supervision is often a very important overlooked subject in specialist training
  • Students will learn the technique to be able to both present their Sandtray case studies as supervises and to role play Supervisor.
  • 2 Full days classroom learning with role plays, group supervision and teacher lead training. All assessments online.
  • This module includes 4 hours of recognised supervision hours to go towards your registration hours

Module 6 - RST6 Reflect on and Improve own Professional Practice

This module is online and assessment includes a reflective essay where students will use their own experience of sand therapy and client contact to write a reflective essay to include; drawing on your own interpersonal neurobiology, theoretical approaches linking theory to practice. This module draws on feedback from supervision, Client Progress and Evaluation Sandtray Worksheet, other resources from other modules, journal notes and own personal reflection of Sandtray Therapy as a Specialist practice. Online Learning Only

  • This module is the last of 6 modules that make up the Specialist Sandtray Therapy Practitioner Accreditation.
  • Completion of this training allows you to use the title Sandtray Therapy Practitioner (STP)


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