Sandtray Therapy Training

Situated within Opengate Institute is a purpose designed Sand Therapy Training Centre. Our training rooms are equipped with the resources needed to undertake training in this specialised method. All our training is integrative, trauma informed, research informed and trainers all have current skills and knowledge. Resources include indoor sand trays of all sizes and make, sand, hundreds of sandtray miniatures (symbols).

Library, Free Wi-Fi. Kitchen facilities are also available to all students.

Member World Association of Sand Therapy Professionals 

All our courses are recognised by AST

Integrative Sandtray Therapy Training

Do you work in mental health and wellbeing with children or young people who need to be able to express their emotions nonverbally?

Are you looking for a whole brain method that is cross-theoretical and evidence-based?

We currently offer short courses, workshops and online learning.

Learning Objectives include practical application, so you get to experience ‘Hands in the Sand’, role plays, techniques working across the life span, metaphors as a sand language, importance of the role of therapist, supervision, group work, strategies, cultural sensitivity and cross theoretical application.
How are where can I use Sandtray therapy and in what settings ie. schools, private practice, refugees, Indigenous & Torres Strait Islanders, Early childcare (as an early intervention) military, aged care, disabilities (NDIS) and more.

Training for Teachers & Educators 

Well-being in Program – Sandtray Play World

Course 1 – Sandtray Play World for Self-regulation, Learning and Development

Course 2 – Implementing Sandtray Play World for Learning and Development

Course 3 – Sandtray Play World as an assessment tool for learning, social skills and development

About Sandtray Play World

Sandtray Play Work is an expressive means of communication. It gives children the ability to create sand worlds using their active imagination, without words. This is 3D story making. Using a variety of toys and sandtray miniatures children create stories in the sand. Teachers can give children a theme or allow them their own self expression. The sand can be molded, pushed and pulled giving the added benefit of a child’s felt sense of self regulation. An exciting approach to wellbeing in education where children from as young as 3 years up to high school age (and older) can use Sandtray Play Work for story building, story telling and learning. This approach scaffolds children’s learning so that they are supported by their peers. Once children build their sand worlds, or a series, they can then dictate, write or verbalise their story to their peers. This scaffolding through peer support builds social skills. A child’s peer will ask open and curious questions about the story which helps to ignite active imagination further story building and learning. Each child is the author, narrator and teller of their story, building confidence in a child’s ability for speech and language skills. Often a result of this technique is that a child with behaviours finds their voice and is able to express their internal feelings externally using the sandtray miniatures and building worlds.

Outcomes in Training

Teachers/Educators will experience the role of student and undertake their own experience of STPW to understand the principles that underpin this method including theories of personality and development and assessment strategies. Teachers will be given strategies to help improve student learning and outcomes and have access to peer support to develop creative thinking using STPW.

We are able to run this course in your area, school or early learning setting and we can develop specific learning material to suit your needs such as working with disabilities, working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, working with non-English speaking refugee children or special needs.

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Sandtray Therapy Supervision

Supervision for Sandtray Therapists

We are able to offer supervision to practitioners.

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Integrative Sand Therapy Workshops & PD

Why Use Sand Techniques?
“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language adage. It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single picture, this picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a verbal description.

When a child does not have the words to verbalise their anxiety or fears or an adult cannot find the words to express how they feel, when trauma shuts down the ability to express, clients use Sandtray therapy as a non-verbal language that speaks a thousand words!

A group workshop helps professionals to see their own inner stories and recognise in others their own emotional awareness.

Private practice

The Sand Therapy Centre also provides private practice to clients. We work with NDIS as a provider. We also see children from as young as 3, teenagers, young adults, couples, families and other groups. We work with clients with any issues including trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.


Face to face or via zoom for emerging or current Sand Therapists. We also train professionals to gain their Sand Therapy Supervision Accreditation.

Sandtray Therapy Australia has a Facebook page where you can follow any updates, comment and give feedback.