Who’s your Inner Child?

What do we mean when we talk about our Inner Child? This is the heart of you, the very deep part of who you really are, the essence of your core being. Our Inner Child is that voice in our head, the one who is scared, lonely, sad or perhaps your Inner Child is a little naughty and wants to play.

It’s important to get back in touch with the Inner Child, and sometimes that can be a scary experience, why? Because as children we were not always safe, or our perception in a moment of time deemed us as feeling unsafe. This moment in time is a memory, if our memory of a moment in time is linked to an emotion such as fear, anxiety or mistrust, then we stored this in our unconscious mind.

The past plays a crucial role in shaping personality and behavior: early conditioning can turn a healthy child into a victim using a trigger from the past, such as a relived memory that made the child afraid. The past determines our thinking and this in turn determines our story, which will influence our boundaries and our behavior as adults in the present moment.

Inner Child

For some individuals their Inner Child rules their every waking moment, this is living in the past. When in this state individuals are not being true and authentic. In other words, you are letting your Inner Child dictate your life, so the key is to leave the past behind, no matter how hard and go in search of your true life’s purpose. Living life in the moment opens you up to so many possibilities, and being authentic means you can see opportunities coming a mile away. But if you are still living in a state of Inner Child, you are closed to new ideas and direction. Living authentically means your life’s goals manifest easier and as a consequence your life is empowered.

When we function as individuals at this level we attract others into our lives who are also living authentic states, this is the law of attraction 101. There is always a place for our Inner Child, we can never deny deep emotions, we will always travel to the depths of our being, our unconscious mind, where we find ourselves back in the past, where memories reside. This is where all our life experiences sit, including our family memories, collective memories and all the turmoil of growing up, of emotions and feelings that help us to be who we are today. Our Inner Child is the keeper of our early beginnings, of our memories good and bad and our Inner Child is the one who sends out our archetypes to help us cope in different situations, you know the ones, the enabler, the rescuer, the warrior, the princess and on the list goes.

Next time you are having a moment or perhaps even a tantrum, try and see just who it is the Inner Child is sending out to cope with the situation, you may even surprise yourself, you may start to see patterns, get to know sides of your own personalities that you had never before stopped to fully get to know. Allow yourself to give over to the process, get to know the real you the inner you and in so doing you get to have a relationship with your Inner Child. And who knows perhaps you are just the person he or she needed in order to let go of any past hurts or pains, this is the key to self-growth, psychological wellbeing and happiness.